Self-Disposal of Waste @ Our Yard

Do you have waste and other bulky items to dispose of? Are you looking for an efficient way to dispose of all your waste in an efficient and cost-effective manner? If your answer to these questions is yes, we at Tidy have just the solution for you. While engaging in furniture disposal services and bulky waste disposal services in Singapore always makes for a practical disposal plan, it is understandable that some residents or companies may want to stick to a specific budget. As such, as a leading waste disposal company in Singapore, Tidy, has made our disposal plant easily accessible to all. Conveniently located, and open every day of the week, you can dispose of your waste with ease. From construction waste to broken furniture, our waste disposal facility has its doors open for you to clear your waste.

Leveraging Our Self-Disposal of Waste Service

With over 35 years of experience in waste disposal in Singapore, Tidy provides a range of waste management services to residential, commercial and industrial clients. Driven to manage your waste disposal, we are committed to providing the best support and customer service, and this makes being flexible in our services a key aspect of our success. While some clients may require the help of an external team to help discard things like furnishings ranging from chairs, sofa sets, bed frames, dining sets and more, we understand that there may be some that have their own disposal plans that are timely, efficient, speedy, and abide by their business and personal values. This is where our self-disposal of waste comes in. With our self-disposal of waste service, you can use your own transportation mediums to dispose of your waste at our disposal plant. From there, our team at Tidy will take the necessary action using the required equipment to assist with the proper disposal of these large wastes. Whether you are looking to get rid of heavy or light waste products or a mix of general waste, Tidy offers affordable skip bin rentals for your project.

As an approved general waste disposal facility that processes and disposes of your bulky waste, you can rest assured that your waste is handled in the most environmentally responsible manner. Save some transportation costs by bringing them to our yard for disposal. Contact us to get a free quote!




Horticulture Waste

Construction Waste


Paper, Carton

Construction & Renovation Waste


Monday – Saturday
7:30am – 7:30pm

Sunday & Public holidays
7:30am – 4:30pm

Here’s how you can get to our facility


Get on PIE to Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim. Take Exit 24 from AYE and drive to Tuas Ave 8

Get on KJE and PIE to Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim. Take Exit 24 from AYE and drive to Tuas Ave 8

Get on AYE to Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim. Take Exit 24 from AYE and drive to Tuas Ave 8


Take the East-West MRT Line to Tuas crescent MRT Station. Get on bus 192 and alight at the bus stop Aft Tuas Ave 8

We have a wide variety of bins in our yard to support our daily operations.

We are available 24 hours a day and
seven days a week.

Contact Usand we tidy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Disposal of Waste

1. Why is waste disposal important?

When it comes to waste disposal, it must be disposed of properly for many reasons. For one, it helps to protect the environment. At waste disposal companies like Tidy, we follow the proper waste management guidelines to make a positive impact on the environment and try our level best to avoid sending all the waste to landfills. Moreover, proper waste disposal also improves overall health standards by preventing the spread of bacteria and germs and also supports recycling to save precious materials that can be reused.

2. What is the safe disposal of waste?

Safe disposal of waste means that the waste is properly collected, treated and disposed of. In Singapore, the management of waste is regulated by several government standards such as the Environmental Public Health Act and Environmental Public Health Regulations. Processes such as waste treatment have to adopt innovative technologies to minimise land-take and ash residue as well. 

3. How does waste disposal affect the environment?

Large amounts of waste are generated daily. From food waste to old furniture, all these waste impact the environment. This is especially so since much of the trash cannot be dealt with in a sustainable manner. For example, waste that is not biodegradable fills the oceans and landfills. Therefore, working with recycling companies in Singapore like Tidy is pivotal in mitigating any risk associated with the environment.