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Leveraging Our Self-Disposal of Waste Service

With over 35 years of experience in waste disposal in Singapore, Tidy provides a range of waste management services to residential, commercial and industrial clients. Driven to manage your waste disposal, we are committed to providing the best support and customer service, and this makes being flexible in our services a key aspect of our success. While some clients may require the help of an external team to help discard things like furnishings ranging from chairs, sofa sets, bed frames, dining sets and more, we understand that there may be some that have their own disposal plans that are timely, efficient, speedy, and abide by their business and personal values. This is where our self-disposal of waste comes in. With our self-disposal of waste service, you can use your own transportation mediums to dispose of your waste at our disposal plant. From there, our team at Tidy will take the necessary action using the required equipment to assist with the proper disposal of these large wastes. Whether you are looking to get rid of heavy or light waste products or a mix of general waste, Tidy offers affordable skip bin rentals for your project.

As an approved general waste disposal facility that processes and disposes of your bulky waste, you can rest assured that your waste is handled in the most environmentally responsible manner. Save some transportation costs by bringing them to our yard for disposal. Contact us to get a free quote!


Leading Furniture Disposal Company in Singapore

Whether you are a real estate agent who has multiple clients who require household items to be discarded, an owner of an old residence with termite-infested fittings, or you are attempting to make room for new purchases, Tidy is here for you. We remove the frustration brought about by the disorderliness of the unwanted furnishings in your premises with a fast, affordable and effective furniture disposal service you can rely on whenever you need it.

The Limitations on Furniture Disposal in Singapore

Finding the right furniture disposal services in Singapore to engage in is always a big question mark amongst many. With private housing estates and HDB flats having different government bodies or public entities providing removal services, it may seem like furniture disposal is not something to worry about. However, there are limitations. For example, for HDB flats, discarding tables, chairs, cupboards, mattresses, washing machines, and the like is often handled by the Town Council. But did you know that each HDB household is limited to approximately three items once a month per trip and bookings for these removal services have to be made at least two days in advance? If you are looking to dispose of your heavy, bulky furniture that is hard to manoeuvre and makes removing it yourself a difficult task, fret not! Tidy has you covered with our furniture disposal services.


We Can Help Discard Furniture of Any Size

Why burden your busy schedules with unnecessary work of contacting public waste collectors or movers and waiting a long time to have your unwanted items removed? At Tidy, we provide a speedy, flexible and reliable waste disposal service for any size and quantity of furniture, including more awkward and bulky items.

With over 35 years of experience in waste disposal in Singapore, Tidy provides a range of waste management services to residential, commercial and industrial clients. We remove unwanted furnishing efficiently at your convenience and at a reasonable price. Our hard-working team can help you discard furnishings ranging from chairs, tables, TV consoles, wardrobes, mattresses, sofa sets, bed frames, dining sets and more.

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Whether you are a business owner wanting to remove old and damaged office furnishings while incurring the least costs, or a resident relocating to a new home or overseas and have furniture for disposal from your residence or storage place in Singapore, Tidy is committed to discarding these items. Feel free to get in touch with our service consultants who will be more than happy to assist you with information on services offered to discard your unwanted furnishings. We also offer a self-disposal of waste service at our waste centre, waste transportation for large loads, and a range of other services to meet all your needs.

FAQs About Furniture Disposal Services

1. How do I dispose of old furniture in Singapore?

It is common for people to be overcharged for furniture disposal services and this often leads to furniture pieces being illegally dumped at void decks and near recycling bins. To dispose of furniture pieces in a cost-effective, legal and environmentally-friendly manner, look no further than Tidy for all the furniture disposal services you can ask for.

2. How do I dispose of large furniture in Singapore?

For the removal of bulky items for disposal, residents of private housing estates will have to contact the public waste collector serving the estate. But do note that this will be at a separate fee. The same applies to residents of HDB flats, but disposal will be done through the Town Council. To ensure that your furniture will get disposed of properly and efficiently and at an affordable cost, you can also engage the services of furniture disposal experts in Singapore like Tidy.

3. How do I dispose of furniture in HDB?

For residents of HDB flats, you will have to reach out to the Town Council and make a booking for the proper disposal service ahead of time. Do note, however, that each household is limited to approximately three items a month per trip. The disposal service provided by the Town Council also does not include house-moving, removal of renovation debris, removal of fixtures like kitchen cabinets, disposal of bulky items like pianos and the removal of large furniture like 3-door wardrobes. If you find yourself requiring furniture disposal services that have no restrictions on the type of furnishings and waste that can be removed, get in touch with Tidy.