Bulk Disposal

Hassles of Bulky Item Disposal in Singapore

The joy of moving into a new home or office or even the mere replacement of old goods can oftentimes be overshadowed and burdened by the inability to effortlessly discard bulky waste. Moving preloved items shifts order into disorder. Tidy understands the hassles of clutter disposal especially in Singapore.

Furniture, kitchen appliances, washing machines, televisions, construction and renovation debris, wooden crates, bathroom fittings and other large waste bound to be thrown out are classified as bulky items. These objects are oftentimes heavy and oddly shaped, making their disposal burdensome if done on your own. They might also be too large to be recycled conventionally.

The removal of bulky items is not included in the regular disposal services provided by the PWCs or Town Council and charges will have to be separately discussed. One would have to go through the hassle of contacting Town Council or the Public Waste Collectors (PWC) serving their property to employ their disposal services for bulky items. While waiting for the deployment of servicemen all waste has to remain indoors. Placement of bulky items at common corridor or spaces is not allowed. Contact Tidy for prompt bulky item disposal in Singapore.

One-Stop Ideal Partner For Bulky Item Disposal in Singapore


Most General Waste Collectors (GWC) mainly serve commercial and industrial premises. At Tidy, however, we expand our services beyond these sectors as we cater to residential customers too. You could be a property agent searching for a way to clear the junk in a client’s house, or simply needing help removing bulky items from a storage place; be it an office, private housing estate, or HDB, we will help you get rid of your unwanted clutter such as furniture and heavy home appliances whenever necessary.

Transportation of bulky or large-quantity waste such as concrete slabs or tiles requires the right containers and vehicles. At Tidy, since we own and operate a large fleet of vehicles, containers, and bins, we can manage the transportation of your items more efficiently.

Also, Tidy is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week regardless of national holidays. You will no longer have to worry about hoarding bulky items till other disposal services get back into the business. Contact us and entrust in our efficient waste management services to have your waste collected anywhere in Singapore.