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Get the Job Done with Singapore’s Leading Waste Disposal Services

Discarding waste should never be a hassle. Choose a waste disposal and recycling company with more than 35 years’ experience and get any job done without a hitch – anywhere in Singapore. Quick waste disposal and recycling services you may need Don’t be fooled into thinking we only handle general waste. Our team is equipped …

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Transportation Services

Transportation of waste, especially for bulky or large-quantity ones such as concrete slabs, requires the right containers and vehicles. And because we own and operate a large fleet of vehicles, containers and bins, we can manage the transportation of your items more efficiently. To us, meeting our customer’s need sustainably is what we strive for. …

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Waste collection services help keep the environment clean

Think about how much waste we contribute to throughout our lives – we probably don’t have to tell you, it’s a lot. That’s totally normal. After all, humans live for a long time and in the meantime we love to collect stuff. However, it’s important that when we do dispose of things that we do …