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Since 1984 – Pioneering Waste Management for Singapore’s Zero-Waste Goals


Providing quick and efficient round-the-clock services

Handling waste can be challenging, especially bulky waste that needs professional discarding. We take the stress out of managing waste by offering integrated, reliable and versatile waste disposal and recycling service.


We are committed to provide our client best support and customer service


You can depend on us to be there, every time, all the time!


They say garbage in, garbage out, but we mean it, literally. Our response time to your call for help with your waste disposal is timely, efficient and speedy.


We are dynamic and agile, and our services are versatile and easily customised to adapt to your requirements.


We value our partnership


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General Waste Collecter Licence Class A & B
General Waste Disposal Facility Licence

Tidy offers waste disposal services that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our commitment is to ensure waste is handled ethically, contributing to a cleaner, greener environment. We handle a wide range of waste types, from household junk to commercial waste, with flexible pricing options to suit any budget.

We own and operate a large fleet of vehicles, containers and bins