Our Mission

Providing quick and efficient round-the-clock services

Handling waste can be challenging, especially bulky waste that needs professional discarding. We take the stress out of managing waste by offering integrated, reliable and versatile waste disposal and recycling service.

Our Team

Meet the people who keep environment clean

While Tidy is a family business, its ambition goes beyond mere kinship. With Mr Ong’s son, Mr Vincent Wang, taking over the company and Mr Ong assuming an advisory role, the team is set to transform the traditional business into modern enterprise.

Who do We help

As long as you need someone to manage your waste disposal, we’re here for you.


We serve all types of organisations from different industries, regardless of volume and type waste.

  • Construction/renovation companies.
  • Schools
  • Government bodies
  • Shopping malls and retail outlets
  • Places of interest
  • Religious institutions

We cater to residential customers too!

  • Getting rid of unwanted bulky items such as furniture and heavy home appliances during moving;
  • Removing renovation waste
  • Simply be there when they undertake a major spring cleaning!
Our Commitment

We are committed to provide our client best support and customer service for every single service rendered.


You can depend on us to be there, every time, all the time!


They say garbage in, garbage out, but we mean it, literally. Our response time to your call for help with your waste disposal is timely, efficient and speedy.


We are dynamic and agile, and our services are versatile and easily customised to adapt to your requirements.


General Waste Collector
(Class A & B)

Class A

Type A

  • Inorganic Waste (E.g. construction and renovation debris, tree trunks and branches, discarded furniture, electrical appliances, wooden crates, pallets and other bulky items destined for disposal).
  • Recyclable waste (excluding food waste).
Class B

Type B

  • Organic Waste (E.g. food and other putrefiable waste from domestic, trade and industrial premises, markets and food centres (excluding used cooking oil)).

General Waste Disposal Facility

A General Waste Disposal Facility is able to receives, stores, sorts, treats or processes general waste, and includes recycling facilities.

BizSafe Level 4

bizSAFE is a programme designed to help companies build workplace safety and health (WSH) capabilities and manage potential terror threats.

Tidy is certified bizSAFE Level 4 ready!

A happy & dedicated team.
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